LUFS Meter

The LUFS meter is in an early state of development (alpha). Read more

EBU R128 compliant loudness measurement

The LUFS Meter plugin enables you to deliver loudness-calibrated content.

Multi-Platform, Multi-Format

Available as VST- and Audio Unit-plugin on Mac. On Windows, the LUFS Meter is available as a VST-Plugin. 32 and 64 bit. Support for Linux and other plugin formats is planned.

Open Source

The source code of the LUFS Meter is freely available. I hope this will help spreading the use of the superb concept of loudness measurement a little further. Feel free to customize the LUFS Meter such that it exactly fulfills your needs. Or ask for it.

Fast implementation of the algorithm

Instead of using thousands of variables to provide a so called ringbuffer (e.g. 3s x 44100Hz per channel), this implementation is based on accumulation bins, which results in the necessity of only a handful of variables (e.g. a GUI refresh rate of 20Hz x 3s per channel).

Dual licensed. Besides the GPL2 license, a commercial license for the source code is available. Well suited for companies intending to add loudness metering to their commercial products.