Image: Multimeter

Combines loudness and dynamics measurement with the ability to help create faders up mixes fast. Supports up to 64 surround channels. Runs as a plug-in and as a standalone application under macOS, Windows and Linux. Can quickly analyse audio and video files and can create a measurement report.

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LUFS Meter

Image: LUFS Meter

A plug-in to measure and adjust the loudness similar to the human perception of loudness. Provides a unique and fast way to create initial faders up mixes.

Additional features of version 2 of the LUFS Meter: Click and drag operation, presets for popular online services, numeric mouse position info, a zoom factor for the entire interface, improved efficiency, a synchronised undo history, a detachable settings panel and more.

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Discounted LUFS Meter

Image: Discounted LUFS Meter

For non-commercial and low revenue commercial usage.

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Multimeter + LUFS Meter bundle

Image: Multimeter and LUFS Meter

Contains one Multimeter license ($59)
and one LUFS Meter license ($39).

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