Discounted LUFS Meter

The Discounted LUFS Meter is a stripped down version of the full LUFS Meter for people on a tight budget. It provides the core loudness measurement features for non-commercial and low revenue commercial purposes.

It's possible to upgrade from the discounted to the full LUFS Meter later.

Supported plugin formats

AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher)
Audio Unit (OS X)
VST and VST3
32 and 64 bit on all plugin formats.

System requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Windows XP or higher. No iLok required.

Open source at heart

The main loudness measurement algorithm developed by Klangfreund is available for free (GPL).

Help and guidance

The Discounted LUFS Meter is equipped with an interactive help system. Move the mouse over an item and a description for it gets displayed. (Can be disabled with a click on the help text.) An extensive manual is available as well.

Interactive Help



LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

For musicians, producers, audio professionals and videographers...

...using loudness measurement and adjustment for commercial purposes.

...using loudness measurement and adjustment on non commercial projects.


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Integrated Loudness Measurement
(ITU-R BS.1770-4)

True peak measurement

Momentary Loudness
(EBU R128)

Maximum Momentary Loudness
(EBU R128 s1)

Short Term Loudness
(EBU R128)

Maximum Short Term Loudness
(EBU R128 s1)

Loudness Range
(EBU R128)

Loudness Range Freeze On Silence


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Loudness history graph

Adjustable time for the loudness history graph

Fully compliant with international loudness standards

Multiple visual regions for the integrated loudness to visualize recommendations and to assist in live broadcasting

Integrated loudness difference to target when over target loudness


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Loudness adjustment (manual and automatic)

Threshold for automatic adjustment

Realtime measurement adaption when adjusting loudness

Bit-accurate signal throughput if no gain is applied

Synchronisation of
multiple LUFS Meters


up to 6

Synchronisation groups



Adjustable colours


Customizable startup setting


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Support for arbitrary sample rates and bit depths

Mono and stereo

Scalable interface (vector graphics)

Retina display support

Interactive help (mouse-over tooltips)

Commercial usage allowed


Buy for $49

Buy for $24

Try it for free

LUFS Meter Demo 1.4.3
for Mac OS X
LUFS Meter Demo 1.4.3
for Windows

Time-limited to measurements shorter than one minute.
The discounted as well as the full LUFS Meter can be evaluated with the demo.

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