LUFS Meter

Loudness Measurement Plugin

A plugin to measure and adjust the loudness
similar to the human perception of loudness.

It also provides a unique and fast way to create initial faders up mixes.

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"Klangfreund's LUFS Meter offers a tremendous value for anyone who is looking for a powerful and flexible metering option to add to their workflow."
-- Rob Stewart, LUFS Meter review.

"Honestly, I've looked far & wide for a simple but sophisticated meter & this just does everything I want/need! Thanks [...] for making such a fantastic tool!"
-- William Dyar, Hills Audio Mastering.

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Help and guidance


Online manual PDF manual

Interactive help

The LUFS Meter is equipped with an interactive help system. Move the mouse over an item and a description for it gets displayed. (Can be disabled with a click on the help text.)

Loudness adjustment with the LUFS Meter

Create an initial faders up mix using the LUFS Meter

Fast forward the video: Before and after the synchronised LUFS Meters created the faders up mix.

Make it yours

Colours, sizes, visibilities and ranges can be customized. And stored as presets.

Three different versions

All versions of the LUFS Meter are contained in one single plugin. At first it operates as the Evaluation LUFS Meter. If you want to get the Discounted or the full LUFS Meter you can upgrade from within the plugin. If you do so you'll get a license key file which you need to drag and drop over the LUFS Meter to switch to that version.
It is recommended to try the Evaluation LUFS Meter before buying another version.

Comparison table


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Ideal for musicians, producers, audio professionals and videographers...

...wanting to try loudness measurement on a non commercial project.

...using loudness measurement and adjustment regularly on non commercial projects.

...using loudness measurement and adjustment for commercial purposes.


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Momentary loudness measurement
(EBU R128)

up to one minute

Short term loudness measurement
(EBU R128)

up to one minute

Integrated loudness measurement
(ITU-R BS.1770-4, EBU R128)

up to one minute

'EBU Mode' compliant

Multiple visual regions for the integrated loudness to assist live broadcasting

Integrated loudness difference to target when over target loudness

Loudness range measurement
(EBU R128)

up to one minute

Loudness history graph

Adjustable time for the loudness history graph


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Loudness adjustment (manual and automatic)

up to one minute

Realtime measurement adaption when adjusting loudness

Bit-accurate signal throughput if no gain is applied

True peak measurement

Synchronisation of
multiple instances

up to 6 up to 6 unlimited

Adjustable colours


Customizable startup setting


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Support for arbitrary sample rates and bit depths

Mono and stereo

Scalable interface (vector graphics)

Retina display support

Interactive help (mouse-over tooltips)

Commercial usage allowed


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter


Free $24 $59

Introductory price

Free $19 $49


Technical specifications of the LUFS Meter

Plugin formats

AAX, Audio Unit (OS X), VST and VST3.
32 and 64 bit.

System requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Windows XP or higher.
No iLok required.

Open source at heart

The source code of the core loudness measurement algorithm implementation developed by Klangfreund is available at GitHub (GPL2).

Release notes

LUFS Meter 1.2.1

2015 08 17

  • New: Added a threshold for the 'adjust to' functionality. This avoids big amplifications of very quiet or muted tracks.
  • New: The key file can also be entered manually. For hosts that don't allow drag and drop.
  • Improved notification to the host about parameter changes.
  • Decoupled the internal preset handling from the hosts preset handling.
  • Renamed the 'computer ID' to 'token' to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed a security flaw in the copy protection scheme.
  • Added additional code to handle strange behaviour of Final Cut Pro X.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.2.0

2015 07 22

  • New: Added a relative loudness scale. This makes the LUFS Meter fully EBU compliant.
  • More presets included.
  • Improved the preset handling.
  • Improved the synchronisation between multiple instances.
  • Improved the plugin parameter communication from the LUFS Meter to the host.
  • Handles many quirks of Final Cut Pro X.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.1.3

2015 06 30

  • Stability improvements for Pro Tools 10 under OS X 10.6.

LUFS Meter 1.1.2

2015 06 23

  • New: Introduction of the pause button.
  • New: Automatable 'pause', 'reset' and 'adjust to'.
  • New: Resizable 'adjustment section'.
  • Small improvements.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.1.1

2015 06 13

  • Fixed: The LUFS Meter occasionally did not pass the audio unit validation.

LUFS Meter 1.1.0

2015 06 09

  • New: Synchronised operation. 'reset' as well as 'adjust to' can be synchronised across multiple instances.
  • Enhanced unlocking when multiple instances are open.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.0.1

2015 06 01

  • New: The Evaluation LUFS Meter now offers all the functionality of the Discounted LUFS Meter, limited to 60 seconds.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.0.0

2015 05 29

  • Initial Release.