LUFS Meter

A plugin to measure and adjust the loudness
similar to the human perception of loudness.
Compliant with EBU R 128, ATSC A/85 and many more.

Also provides a unique and fast way to create initial faders up mixes
and to compare your current song and reference tracks on equal loudness.

Demo LUFS Meter

Time-limited to one minute per measurement.
What's new?

Full LUFS Meter

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Compliant with a multitude of international loudness recommendations

AES TD1004.1.15-10 (streaming)
AGCOM 219/09/CSP (Italy)
ARIB TR-B32 (Japan)
ATSC A/85 / PRSS / CALM Act (US)
EBU R 128 (Europe)
EBU R 128 s1 (short content, v2.0 Jan 2016)
EBU Tech Doc 3341 (EBU Mode, v3.0 Jan 2016)
EBU Tech Doc 3342 (Loudness range, v3.0 Jan 2016)
ITU-R BS.1770-4 (Oct 2015)
OP-59 (Australia)

Supported plugin formats

AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher)
Audio Unit (OS X)
VST and VST3
32 and 64 bit on all plugin formats.

System requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Windows XP or higher. No iLok required.

Open source at heart

The source code of the core loudness measurement algorithm is available at GitHub (GPL2).

"Klangfreund's LUFS Meter offers a tremendous value for anyone who is looking for a powerful and flexible metering option to add to their workflow."
Rob Stewart, Just Mastering
Read the LUFS Meter review at Just Mastering

"Honestly, I've looked far & wide for a simple but sophisticated meter & this just does everything I want/need! Thanks [...] for making such a fantastic tool!"
William Dyar, Hills Audio Mastering

"Klangfreund's LUFS Meter is a cheap-as-chips loudness meter [...] A real boon if you reference a lot of different tracks while mixing, or if you want a whole bunch of demonstration audio files to play with equal loudness."
Mike Senior, author of two excellent books about mixing and recording

"This plugin is quite deep and has a lot of options and advanced settings, but the basic operation is very easy... Kind of like FCP X."
Charlie Austin,
Read the LUFS Meter review at

LUFS Meter, your new mix assistant.

Before crafting a mix, levelling all tracks gives you a great starting point.
Save time and let the LUFS Meter do this tedious work for you.

Fast forward the video: Before and after the synchronised LUFS Meters created the faders up mix.

Compare your work against reference tracks

To achieve beautiful results it's crucial to compare your work with reference tracks. Over and over again, until you reach the sound you are looking for.

A proven strategy is to bounce/export your work to an audio file and put it into a new project. Together with some reference tracks, each one on a separate audio track. Use the solo feature of your workstation to listen to the individual tracks. Take notes about possible improvements in your own work. Go back to your original project and implement these improvements.

There is one catch though. A slightly louder track just sounds better to the human ear (Even without knowingly noticing that it is louder). That's why it is important that all the tracks in the comparison are equally loud. Guess what? The LUFS Meter takes care of this.

Deliver loudness calibrated content

Add the LUFS Meter to the end of your processing chain. Press 'reset'.
Play from start to finish. Choose your target loudness and press 'adjust to'. Done.

Make it yours

Colours, sizes, visibilities and ranges can be customized. And stored as presets.

Help and guidance


Online manual PDF manual

Interactive help

The LUFS Meter is equipped with an interactive help system. Move the mouse over an item and a description for it gets displayed. (Can be disabled with a click on the help text.)

Two different editions

The LUFS Meter is available in two different editions. The differences are listed below. Both editions can be tested with the LUFS Meter Demo. An update from the Discounted to the Full LUFS Meter is also available.


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Ideal for musicians, producers, audio professionals and videographers...

...using loudness measurement and adjustment on non commercial projects.

...using loudness measurement and adjustment for commercial purposes.


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Integrated Loudness Measurement
(ITU-R BS.1770-4)

True peak measurement

Momentary Loudness
(EBU R128)

Maximum Momentary Loudness
(EBU R128 s1)

Short Term Loudness
(EBU R128)

Maximum Short Term Loudness
(EBU R128 s1)

Loudness Range
(EBU R128)

Loudness Range Freeze On Silence


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Loudness history graph

Adjustable time for the loudness history graph

Fully compliant with international loudness recommendations

Multiple visual regions for the integrated loudness to visualize recommendations and to assist in live broadcasting

Integrated loudness difference to target when over target loudness


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Loudness adjustment (manual and automatic)

Threshold for automatic adjustment

Realtime measurement adaption when adjusting loudness

Bit-accurate signal throughput if no gain is applied

Synchronisation of
multiple LUFS Meters

up to 6 unlimited

Synchronisation groups

1 32

Adjustable colours


Customizable startup setting


LUFS Meter

LUFS Meter

Support for arbitrary sample rates and bit depths

Mono and stereo

Scalable interface (vector graphics)

Retina display support

Interactive help (mouse-over tooltips)

Commercial usage allowed


$24 + tax $49 + tax