LUFS Meter

How to pronounce 'LUFS Meter'?

'LUFS' should be pronounced like 'Loves'. Therefore 'Loves-Meter' is the correct pronunciation.

Is an upgrade available from the Discounted to the Full LUFS Meter?

Yes. It is available in your personal account once you have purchased the Discounted LUFS Meter.
The price is $25 + tax, the exact difference between the two editions.

Wasn't the LUFS Meter supposed to be free?

Initially I released the LUFS Meter as a free and open source plugin. But the model based on licencing the core algorithm to other companies did not work out. I switched to a commercial model to be able to continue my work on the LUFS Meter.
The core measurement algorithm is still open source.


Can I request a feature?

Of course, I'd like to hear about your ideas!

How can I report an issue?

Use the contact form. Please mention which version of OS X or Windows you are using, the name and version of your host/DAW as well as the plugin format and the version of the plugin. It helps tremendously if you also provide a step by step description on how to reproduce the issue.

Why is the LUFS Meter sold via FastSpring.com? Why is the tax not included in the price?

The 2015 changes in the EU-VAT regulations make it practically impossible for a small company like Klangfreund to legally sell software anymore. A company selling to customers in the EU is now obliged to pay the taxes to the country the customer lives in (before it was the country where the company is based). For each and every country in the EU a notary or an advocate is needed to deal with this tax paying. This EU crazyness has forced Klangfreund to authorize a reseller to actually process the sale and deal with this awful bureaucracy. Everything else (including the support) remains at Klangfreund.

Can I only activate a plugin on 3 different computers and then it's over?

No. A Klangfreund plugin can run on 3 different computers of yours at the same time. If you get a new computer and don't have any activation slots left you can deactivate the plugin on one of your other computers in order to get one activation slot back for the new computer. All of this can be managed at your personal account.

My question is not answered here.

Don't hesitate and ask. I'm happy to hear from you.


I'm a starving student or an underpayed teacher. Do you provide discounted EDU licenses?

The Discounted LUFS Meter has been made especially for people with a low income. Consider it the EDU version of the LUFS Meter.

Do you have sales (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, ...)?

No. Every day is 'get it for the lowest price ever!' day. Current and future users all get the same good deal.

Do you provide discounts when multiple licenses are bought for a school or a company?

Yes, some small discounts are granted for purchases of 5 or more licenses. Contact me for an offer. Be aware that the licenses are for the same company/user and can't be transferred to other users.