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Loudness Measurement Plugin

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The LUFS Meter Demo (measurements are limited to 60 seconds) is available for free. It allows you to test the discounted as well as the full LUFS Meter.

Currently (since November 2016) it's not recommended to use an email account from It's quite likely that you won't receive the email containing the unlock information right after your purchase with an address from this provider. blocks emails coming from the mail server network used by This mail server network is a very trustworthy one, also used by Twitter, PayPal and other big companies.

Discounted LUFS Meter* $24 + tax Full LUFS Meter $49 + tax

Feature comparison

Right after the purchase you will get access to the full installer as well as a license that allows you to use the LUFS Meter on up to three computers of yours. The email address you provide will be used as your login credential.

* The Discounted LUFS Meter can only be used for non-commercial or low revenue commercial purposes.

If you're already an owner

First and foremost, your awesome! This chapter in the manual describes how to unlock the LUFS Meter.