LUFS Meter

Loudness Measurement Plugin

Release notes

LUFS Meter 1.4.3

2016 06 13

  • Fixed an AAX signing issue which caused Pro Tools 12 to not accept the LUFS Meter as a plugin under OS X prior to OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).

LUFS Meter 1.4.2

2016 04 11

  • Changed the installers on OS X and Windows such that the previous plugin files get deleted before they get replaced. Otherwise it happened on OS X as well as on Windows that even though the files got replaced, they kept the creation and modification date from the previous version. Some hosts (like Pro Tools) do use the creation date flag to determine if they need to rescan a plugin.

LUFS Meter 1.4.1 Beta

2016 04 06

  • New 'true peak tolerance' to indicate if a recommended maximum true peak has been exeeded.
  • New option to measure the integrated loudness according to the old ITU-R BS.1770 Revision 1. It's still in use in some places.
  • Added the 'ATSC A/85 old (2009)' preset that uses the ITU-R BS.1770 Rev 1.
  • A locked LUFS Meter now remembers all the settings stored in a project (of the host) until it gets unlocked.
  • Fixed an occasional unwanted initial gain ramp in Pro Tools the first time an Audio Suite render gets applied.
  • The preset list gets updated in all instances of the LUFS Meter when a new preset has been created.
  • Auto scrolling the colours tab when a colour rectangle gets dragged.

LUFS Meter 1.4.0

2016 03 14

  • New sync to host. Reset, pause and 'adjust to' can be triggered by starting or stopping the playback in the host.
  • Fully compliant with the latest EBU recommendations (January 2016).
  • Multi colored short term loudness.
  • Replaced the Lagrange interpolator with the r8brain sample rate converter to increase the precision of the oversampling algorithm used to calculate the true peak.
  • The target loudness is synchronised between instances of the same sync group.
  • Improved the performance of the loudness measurement.
  • Support for Pro Tools Audio Suite offline analyze.
  • Support for offline analysis in Reaper via its freeze option.
  • Fast scrolling of the history graphs when processing faster than realtime.
  • Updated the factory presets.
  • Added denormalization (higher CPU usage on silence) prevention.
  • Stability improvements when the host changes the number of channels while processing.
  • A single click anywhere on the track of the adjustment fader doesn't make it jump to that loudness anymore. This could have resulted in dangerously high volume increases.
  • Fixed: Alt-Click to reset the adjustment fader to 0 LU didn't work in Cubase.
  • Replaced the web browser component in the update notificator with a simple text editor to display the changes. The embedded web browser had rarely caused issues on OS X 10.10.
  • The Demo LUFS Meter (formerly called Evaluation LUFS Meter) has now it's own installer. It can't be unlocked anymore. The features of the Discounted as well as the features of the Full LUFS Meter can now be tested in the Demo. The LUFS Meter installer for the Discounted and the Full LUFS Meter is available to customers after logging in at
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.3.0

2015 12 09

  • New Maximum Short-Term and Maximum Momentary Loudness values to measure short content according to EBU R 128 s1.
  • New presets for international standards: AGCOM 219/09/CSP (Italy), ARIB TR-B32 (Japan), ATSC A/85, PRSS, CALM Act (US), OP-59 (Australia).
  • The sync functionality is now available from the main window, at the bottom right.
  • New sync groups. Multiple LUFS Meters can now be synced in groups.
  • New adjustment power button (or bypass, if you like). Can be synced.
  • New: The LRA value can optionally be hold as soon as silence occurs. This makes it easier to read it after a measurement. Without this, especially on short measurement times, the LRA will slightly increase on silence.
  • New automatic update check.
  • New online unlocking. If your audio computer is connected to the Internet, you can unlock the Discounted or the Full LUFS Meter from within the plugin.
  • The token generator needed to be changed. Before it could happen that the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions on Windows showed different tokens. A similar discrepance occurred on OS X with Garage Band and everything else. -> Unfortunately, you need to activate your LUFS Meter again. If you are affected, a dialog window inside of the LUFS Meter will pop up and guide you through the process.
  • Stability improvements if one instance of the LUFS Meter is run on multiple threads. This mainly affects Final Cut Pro X.
  • Improved automation handling, mostly noticeable in Ableton Live.
  • Increased the number of colours for the integrated loudness from 3 to 4 to visually distinct the close areas above and below the target loudness.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

LUFS Meter 1.2.1

2015 08 17

  • New: Added a threshold for the 'adjust to' functionality. This avoids big amplifications of very quiet or muted tracks.
  • New: The key file can also be entered manually. For hosts that don't allow drag and drop.
  • Improved notification to the host about parameter changes.
  • Decoupled the internal preset handling from the hosts preset handling.
  • Renamed the 'computer ID' to 'token' to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed a security flaw in the copy protection scheme.
  • Added additional code to handle strange behaviour of Final Cut Pro X.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.2.0

2015 07 22

  • New: Added a relative loudness scale. This makes the LUFS Meter fully EBU compliant.
  • More presets included.
  • Improved the preset handling.
  • Improved the synchronisation between multiple instances.
  • Improved the plugin parameter communication from the LUFS Meter to the host.
  • Handles many quirks of Final Cut Pro X.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.1.3

2015 06 30

  • Stability improvements for Pro Tools 10 under OS X 10.6.

LUFS Meter 1.1.2

2015 06 23

  • New: Introduction of the pause button.
  • New: Automatable 'pause', 'reset' and 'adjust to'.
  • New: Resizable 'adjustment section'.
  • Small improvements.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.1.1

2015 06 13

  • Fixed: The LUFS Meter occasionally did not pass the audio unit validation.

LUFS Meter 1.1.0

2015 06 09

  • New: Synchronised operation. 'reset' as well as 'adjust to' can be synchronised across multiple instances.
  • Enhanced unlocking when multiple instances are open.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.0.1

2015 06 01

  • New: The Evaluation LUFS Meter now offers all the functionality of the Discounted LUFS Meter, limited to 60 seconds.
  • Bugfixes.

LUFS Meter 1.0.0

2015 05 29

  • Initial Release.